About Us

Newton Group of Companies was established in 2003 by Mr. Alfred Foo and has maintain a strong marketing network and after-sales-service in Klang Valley and nationwide over the years. This is based on our experienced sales and support teams which are all integrated to ensure that prompt delivery and technical back-ups are provided to extend well beyond the point of sales to customers.

In addition, we are also providing assistance to our customers in choosing the best and most suitable products for their applications. To be able to achieve this objective requires our sales & support teams to be equipped with the application knowledge, practical experiences, in-depth product knowledge and technical expertise.
Tagging along with our strategic planning, we will continue to build on our reputation as an aspiring company in the industry to serve our customers and maintain a competitive edge through products development based on market demands and strategic alliances.


Be Honest
Be Responsible
Be Productive
Respect Each Other


What Newton SELLs?

Technical Ideas & Solutions

What Newton Solves?

Technical Problems & Faults

What Newton Shares?

Technical Knowledge & Skills



Advanced Automation

Industry 4.0 takes automation to new heights. Intelligent machines and smart components work together to create a highly efficient workflow.

Seamless Connectivity

Machines, databases and production plants are all connected together via a digital network. This enables efficient scheduling and co-ordination across the entire value chain.

Sophisticates Data Analytics

Production plants generate vast quantities of data. Analytics enables engineers and managers to exploit the hidden value in data. For example, to predict failure of equipment.

Industrial Cybersecurity

Greater levels of connectivity increase the risk of cyber-attacks. Cyber-physical security is a core element of Industry 4.0. Assess level of threat and implement effective policies.